Idralia Sleeping Mask

50 ml – 1.7 fl.oz.
60 €

The Idralia line is a moisturizing ritual, essential for healthy skin.
Four daily routines to devote yourself to an enjoyable practice every day with rapid motions. 

Idralia Sleeping Mask is a gel mask for the face and neckline. Applied before bedtime, it penetrates and moisturizes tired and stressed skin. A mixture of active ingredients of natural origin balances skin functions night after night.

Scent: Rosa Gardenia 

Wash the skin well then apply an even layer of the product; leave on all night. In the morning proceed with your usual daily cleansing routine.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Tracey Wooldridge


Sixuan Wu
Really love it

The mask is particularly delicate and fragrant, my skin is very smooth the next morning after using it.

Mallory Rodenberg

The consistency is unlike other expensive masks, as if you can tell it's handmade in small batches. I love how it instantly melts into my skin. The fragrance is wonderful and makes me feel nostalgic for childhood. I'm excited to see how my skin benefits from using the sleep mask.

Catherine THEISEN

It’s a very good mask

kari young
My face loves it

Instantly softens skin and still feels soft in the morning

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