Crème à Barbe

220 ml - 7.4 fl. oz.
39 €

Crème à barbe rafraîchissante, à base de menthol et d’eucalyptus, délicatement parfumée à l’eau de Cologne Tabacco Toscano. 

Utilisation : massez le visage avec un pinceau fin jusqu’à obtention d’une mousse compacte, et procédez au rasage. Après le rasage, rincez et utilisez la lotion après rasage ou l’émulsion sans alcool. 

Customer Reviews

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Robert Pellicone

Never received it,

Just perfect!

Excellent product ! Perfect properties e.g. slickness, hydration etc and a very- very nice Tobacco toscano
cologne scent.By the way,specifically talking about this unique scent, I think only an Italian company could imagine
and create it.

Excellent product!

Terrific cream.Excellent properties (cushioning,slickness ,thick lather etc) and a very- very nice tobacco Toscano cologne scent. I think 220 ml will last at least ten months of
everyday shaving.

A change in formula actually works.

I realize that it has been awhile since the formula for the shaving cream has changed but it was worth it. My previous complaint was that when I was down to the final quarter of the container it was not possible to get it to foam anymore and therefore worthless. The new formula is working almost to the end. It also helps to use a stiffer brush as this helps work the soap into a better lather.

Nick Avery
Fantastic, thick lather for a smooth shave

This is less of a soft cream and more like a soap. It loads onto the shaving brush well and whips into a thick lather in the shaving bowl easily. You will get one of the smoothest shaves with this product. While the description says it has a subtle tobacco scent, I couldn't detect it. It has a strong menthol scent which is invigorating. I will buy this again when I finally run out, but that seems like it will be a while yet. This lasts, making the price actually quite reasonable considering how many shaves I will get out of one tub of it.

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