Tabacco Toscano

Édition Firenze 1221 - Eau de Cologne
100 ml - 3.3 fl.oz.
120 €

Tabacco Toscano vous raconte une histoire chaleureuse, inspirée par 800 ans de tradition, qui ne demande qu’à devenir votre histoire.

Inspiré par les célèbres feuilles de tabac toscan, le bouquet est composé de notes orientales boisées mélangées à des notes de fond fumées et vanillées.

Le parfum Tabacco Toscano de l’Officina Profumo-Farmaceutica di Santa Maria Novella est un bouquet de notes orientales boisées qui se marient parfaitement avec des notes de fond vanillées et fumées. Catherine de Médicis, reine de France, utilisait le tabac comme remède contre les migraines. La plante est devenue connue sous le nom d’« Herba catharinaria ».

Un parfum mystérieux et velouté. Il s’ouvre sur les notes de bergamote et de feuilles de tabac blond. Les notes de cœur sombres, de bouleau et de cuir, sont embrassées par les notes chaudes d’ambre. Les notes de fond, de bois précieux, s’associent aux notes douces de la vanille et du musc.

Famille Olfactive : Boisée – cuir

Notes de tête : Bergamote, feuilles de tabac toscan

Notes de cœur : Cuir, ambre, bouleau

Notes de fond : Bois de cèdre, gaïac, bois de santal, musc, vanille


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Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
Michelle Eccles
The Absolute Best Tobacco and Vanilla Fragrance

My husband bought me a bottle of this for Christmas and I've been wearing it nonstop during the winter season. As a woman, I can confirm that it is suitable for anyone that loves tobacco and vanilla fragrances. My husband loves it on me too. It's warm, slightly smoky, cozy, and perfectly sweet with an underlying freshness. I will never be without this gorgeous fragrance.

Nick S
An amazing scent

This is the scent that I’ve been looking for! Will use for the rest of my life!

Michelle Eccles
Best Tobacco Fragrance

Tobacco Toscano is a stunner and its scent profile can definitely compete with contemporary contenders. The opening is fresh tobacco leaf with a touch of smokiness, sweetness, and smooth suede. On the skin, the opening is quite fleeting but sprayed on clothes it lasts a bit longer. As Tobacco Tuscano dries down, powdery vanilla steps forward and is what makes this fragrance perfectly unisex. The overall combination is perfectly smooth and just a touch sweet—comforting and cozy. This is my favorite tobacco scent of all time and I've smelled many. The downside is definitely the longevity. I don't mind that it doesn't project, but because it's an eau de cologne concentration, it's not meant to be long-lasting. Otherwise, this would be a five-star fragrance. I hope for stronger concentration options in the future.

Italian at Heart
Intriguing scent!

I love the fragrance of Tabacco Toscano!!
After I had placed my order, I read a few comments...perhaps it is a man's fragrance? Perhaps not! I spray it on and I'm instantly transported to Italy!!

Theo van es
Excellent service

My order arrived on time , packed in a box , and very fast.

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