Alba di Seoul

Eau de Cologne

100 ml - 3.3 fl. oz.
120 €

Il profumo Alba di Seoul, lanciato nel 2012 in onore della città di Seoul, è un bouquet olfattivo con note di testa fresche verdi e frizzanti, che introducono un cuore intenso a base di pino coreano per chiudere su un fondo legnoso orientale.

L’immagine posta sulla confezione rappresenta un bosco di conifere che pone l’accento sul cuore predominante di Alba di Seoul. La foto dall’artista Bae Bien-U, noto fotografo coreano, mostra un paesaggio pieno di calma e di silenzio, fuori dal tempo e dallo spazio. Questa fotografia trasmette una profonda sensazione di mistero e di eternità: “Percorrendo le foreste di pini - commenta l’artista - mi sento affascinato dalla loro bellezza…….. questi alberi mi appaiono come la carne ed il sangue della penisola coreana”.

Note Olfattive: Verdi fresche

Testa: bergamotto, spezie

Cuore: pino coreano

Fondo: conifere, patchouli

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Carol Kim

I came into the NYC store in Soho and found the staff very helpful especially Sofia(hope I spelled that correctly). She answered all my questions and was oh so pleasant !!
Even though I did my research before entering the store, I was blown away by the selections available. SO if you live in the tri state area ( like I do) please do not hesitate and walk into the store, you will be amazed by the kind staff and of course the products available. I happened to get the Alba di Seoul fragrance and it is very lovely !! And just like a previous reviewer, I wish there was a body balm or lotion or soap that came in this fragrance since I would love my body to smell like this ALL DAY !!

Lori Roy

I wish I could bathe in this scent, really! It is intoxicating and it always surprises me by the depth of this aroma. I wish there was a body wash, talcum powder, something more with this fragrance.
I am a woman but prefer the woodsy scent which is very hard to find in women's fragrances. This is perfect for men or women.
Well Done!

Tami Scheibach
I love this scent - if this is the one I purchased

I purchased two scents while in Florence. Unfortunately, neither box was saved. Is there a way to identify my scent on the bottle? I don't see any name. If the one I have is Alba di Seoul I want to purchase it again b/c I love it so much.

Virginia Birkofer

This is my hubby signature scent for a few years now and I lOVE it he LOVES it couldn't recommend more for the guys out there. My hubby happens to be Korean, making this extra special!

Mark Nys
The Best

I finally found that Alba di Seoul was written on the back of my empty Santa Maria cologne bottle and was happy to order this magnificent fragrance once again! The package was delivered 3 days early and in time for my first date with a very special woman. Thanks Santa Maria Novella!

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