Eau de Cologne

100 ml - 3.3 fl. oz.
120 €

Dal giardino Shorai si vede il cupolone e parte della città storica di Firenze. Il dipinto del pittore Teppei Sasakura stampato sull’astuccio, rappresenta l’unione di Firenze e Kyoto nel 50° anno del gemellaggio. L’acqua di colonia Cinquanta dell’Officina Profumo-Farmaceutica di Santa Maria Novella è stata creata per festeggiare questa ricorrenza. E’ un bouquet floreale dove le note di testa di gardenia, fiori d’arancio e fiori di Tiarè s’intrecciano con legni dolci e thè verde nella ricchezza del cashmere. Una nota muschiata ed ambrata introduce il fondo di legni preziosi.

Note Olfattive: Fiorite muschiate ambrate

Testa: gardenia, fiori di arancio

Cuore: thè verde, legni dolci

Fondo: ambra, legni preziosi, muschio bianco

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

It was a gift from my boyfriend of one of his trips to Rome - I absolutely feltl in love with Cinquenta and it has become my signature scent. It gets better with time (from opening), and as the day goes by the fragrance persists (great fixation without changing its notes!). I wish there was a body cream and a shower gel of this scent, and waxes for the wardrobe - would definitely purchase tose!

Madeleine Edwards
flawless, fresh, and fruity

I bought a bottle of Cinquanta in Rome during a spring break trip after smelling it at the original location in Florence. While normally I prefer a gourmand scent, this perfume is truly flawless. It's floral but sweet, citrusy and fresh and fun, and it lasts for ages! I was delighted to learn that there was a boutique near me in New York City, so that when I wear out this bottle (in a year or two--there's plenty in there!) I can head right to that location. This perfume is a knockout for sure, and I'll definitely be wearing it for many years to come!

Sheriden Smith
My signature scent

My partner returned from Florence two years ago and gave me this fragrance as a Christmas present. I've been wearing it consistently since, and this fragrance is dynamic, complex, and seasonless. It is warm enough for Fall and Winter, but bright and fresh enough for the Spring and Summer months.

Truly the perfect scent!

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