Crema di Profumo

Per Bimba
250 ml - 8.4 fl.oz.
35 €

Crema di profumo senza parabeni dalle proprietà idratanti ed emollienti. Profuma delicatamente la cute dei piccoli. Profumazione senza allergeni per bambina: bouquet fiorito a base di ylang ylang e gardenia che sfuma in nuances fruttate di pesca e fragole di bosco su un fondo di vaniglia e ambra.

Applicare una piccola quantità e massaggiare fino a completo assorbimento.

Customer Reviews

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Jennifer Song
Powdery, delicate scent

The best descriptor for this lotion is powdery, soap-like soft floral with fruity hints. The notes of strawberry, peaches, vanilla, and amber create an exquisite amalgam of scents where each aromatic component complements the other rather than overpowering one. At first application, it does come off a bit strong but settles into your skin over time--leaving a scent unique to the wearer (as expected of all perfumed products). Although the lotion is intended for babies, the fragrance is perfectly suitable for a woman of any age. The lotion itself has a silky consistency and is slightly translucent. It leaves my skin feeling baby butt smooth. I've emptied 3 bottles of this lotion and will continue to purchase. Thank you SMN for this wonderful gem!

Vanesss Sloper

Discovered this when visiting Florence .I can't live without it .the scent transports you to Santa Maria ,ethereal.


Scented Cream

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