Fior di Loto White Scented Candle

250 €

What better form for a scented candle than an ancient and exotic flower from the East, symbolising enlightenment and longevity?

Considered sacred in both Hindu and Buddhist traditions, the lotus plant emerges from the mud to float and flower beautifully on the water's surface, making it a powerful emblem of enlightenment. With seeds that can survive for hundreds of years, it is also regarded as a symbol of longevity. As a decorative scented candle, it brings not only beauty and fragrance to your home or garden, but also a wealth of historical, cultural and spiritual associations.

Available in a choice of three subtly applied colours, every one of our Lotus Flower candle is individually hand-crafted and delicately scented with the Officina Profumo-Farmaceutica of Santa Maria Novella's Cinquanta Eau de Cologne. Each of the four layers of leaves is hand poured using lightweight waxes of the highest quality, allowing the candle to float gracefully in your bath or garden pond.

The artistic candle Lotus Flower is entirely hand-crafted and delicately scented with Cinquanta Eau de Cologne.
Each of the four leaves is hand poured with high quality materials.

Height 11 cm
Diameter 23 cm

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Love it in my pool

It's an amazing candle, perfect for my summer evenings by the pool!

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