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Bizzarria Eau de Parfum, un’ode alla singolarità. Il rarissimo agrume della bizzarria, che unisce le caratteristiche di cedro, limone e arancia amara, ispira questo racconto olfattivo. Studiato per la prima volta nei Giardini Medicei nel 1644, oggi ritorna a vivere grazie alla sua riscoperta nella Villa Medicea di Castello. Leggi di Più

Famiglia olfattiva:

Esperidato - Floreale - Fruttato

Testa: Accordo Bizzaria, Neroli, Pepe Timur

Cuore: Assoluta Fiore D’arancio, Zenzero, Davana

Fondo: Legno di Cedro, Musk




Prezzo di listino €240
Prezzo scontato €240

Esperidato - Floreale - Fruttato

L'architettura olfattiva di Bizzarria Eau de Parfum affascina immediatamente, incantando i suoi ospiti con il pepe timur e l'ambigua dolcezza del neroli. Prosegue raccontando le sue incredibili qualità politropiche con le note di cuore di fiori d'arancio, davana e zenzero. Alla base, legno di cedro e muschio: proprietà avvolgenti, che dilatano l'impressione di bellezza oltre la superficie abbagliante e la portano in profondità. L'agrume bizzarria fu studiato per la prima volta nei Giardini Medicei, nel 1644. I suoi frutti fondono insieme caratteristiche di limone, cedro e arancia amara.



Accordo Bizzaria, Neroli, Pepe Timur


Assoluta Fiore D’arancio, Zenzero, Davana


Legno di Cedro, Musk


ALCOHOL DENAT., PARFUM (FRAGRANCE), LIMONENE, LINALOOL, CITRAL, GERANIOL, COUMARIN, FARNESOL, CITRONELLOL. La lista ingredienti dei nostri prodotti può essere aggiornata. Vi invitiamo quindi a consultare sempre la lista ingredienti riportata su ogni confezione.

Customer Reviews

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Honestly the best fragrance I've ever worn

Helen Kim Kim

I was eager to visit the Perfumerie as I read about their history; when I finally visited last week the store exceeded my expectations ~ it was beautiful with gorgeous decor, and you get a sense of their ancient history. Their newish fragrance, Bizzarria, reminds me of citrus groves in Florence, ancient and modern. I loved it, purchased it, and whenever I spray on Bizzarria, I think of Florence, a beautiful respite from our daily lives.


Beautifully packaged , gorgeous fragrance , sunshine on a grey day

Karim Christopher
Another dimension

Beginning with an understanding that the fruit Bizzarria was cultivated in the gardens of the Medici, my imagination is impacted first. I wander back through time, to this family which is responsible for much of the Renaissance. I think of the art, architecture, and literature commissioned by them. It’s a family of impeccable taste. The first note I perceive of the fragrance is the Bizzarria, citrus but unique, humbly mature, clean and light. I reflect on the fact the Bizzarria is a chimera, which draws me out of sexual norms, and individualizes the experience even further for me. Over hours the fragrance evolves slowly through the other notes. That maturation is amazing as it occurs over hours. Incredibly after several hours, the base woodsy notes still remain. Not for others, as the scent has become so light that you must move the scent to your nose to perceive it. Bizzarria elevates my mood, transports me to another time, wondering about Renaissance Florence.

Bravo to Santa Maria Novella perfumers, this fragrance is testament to the art of perfume and a desire to improve their customers lives.

Diana Harriman

Received a sample of this scent and could not buy it soon enough. I love it so much - so sweet and citrusy and the first perfume that I've been able to wear that doesn't drive my allergies wild. Cannot get enough and will absolutely buy again.