Unveiling the World of Acqua della Regina

Officina’s oldest fragrance was born as an homage to a gift. A gift that in 1533 escorted Caterina de’ Medici to the court of France. Today, this very olfactory world is expanding into a new range of exclusive products.

A citrusy discovery, Acqua della Regina guides the senses through a voyage made of Italian citruses, neroli, patchouli and petitgrain. Our historical Cologne has now lend its unique character to the precious Firenze 1221 editions of Body Cream, Bath Gel and Liquid Soap.

Acqua della Regina Fluid Body Cream

Acqua della Regina Fluid Body Cream is a sumptuous delight enriched with lemon pulp extract, to leave your skin pure and soft. Use it mornings and evenings and indulge your skin with the royal softness it deserves.

Insider tip: massage Fluid Body Cream with long movements from bottom to top of your body.


Colonia Firenze 1221 Edition

Intriguing, since 1533: the story of Acqua della Regina is deeply intertwined with the fortunes and the fame of the Officina itself.
Discover a bouquet of citrusy aromas, where the remote history is a vessel towards the future.

Formerly known as Acqua di S.M. Novella, it celebrates the perfume that Caterina de’ Medici commissioned in 1533: a fragrance that accompanied her to France to marry Henry II of Valois.

A unique story to guide the future

Firenze 1221 Editions are Officina’s tribute to its own history, that crosses eight centuries of Florentine chronicles. Apothecaries, alchemists, seekers of beauty: our nature inspire us day by day. 

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