Unveiling the World of Rosa Novella

Spring is coming: savour it any day of the year with the world of Rosa Novella, where flowers are always about to blossom.

One of Officina’s most recent creations, Rosa Novella is a portrait of the time where the renewed blossoms are about to explode with all their energy and lush aromas. The very fragrance that greets us at the Santa Maria Novella garden in May, when citrus top notes join the sensuality of rose and white flowers. It now lends its unique character to the precious Firenze 1221 editions of Body Cream, Bath Gel and Liquid Soap.

Rosa Novella Fluid Body Cream

Rosa Novella Fluid Body Cream is the perfect treat for a skin ready to be plunged in a spring garden full of blossimg flowers. Enriched with black currant fruit extract, traditionally known for its softening and rebalancing properties, Rosa Novella Fluid Cream is drinked up quickly by all skin types. To maximize its sensorial peak, massage it with circular movements.


Colonia Firenze 1221 Edition

Did you ever stop to notice the sky getting brighter, the clouds farther, while the flowers were blossoming? We crafted a fragrance to recreate that very sensation.

Rosa Novella greets us with citrus top notes, balanced with the sensuality of rose and white flowers. Its freshness is revealed in the harmony of green herbal notes that soften moss and wood. The olfactory portrait of a spring awakening: bright, floral and warm.

A unique story to guide the future

Firenze 1221 Editions are Officina’s tribute to its own history, that crosses eight centuries of Florentine chronicles. Apothecaries, seekers of beauty: our nature inspire us day by day.

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