Unveiling the World of Angeli di Firenze

Officina’s 2006 fragrance is an homage to the most recent history of Florence, of which we have witnessed, and of which we have been a part, for the last 800 years. 

The juicy peach meets the marine notes, sweetened with black currant and illuminated by jasmine. They are balanced by musk and sandalwood, and accompanied by an elegant vanilla note. Our Cologne has now lend its unique character to the precious Firenze 1221 editions of Body Cream, Bath Gel and Liquid Soap.

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Angeli di Firenze Fluid Body Cream

Angeli di Firenze Fluid Body Cream is composed with vegetable oils and butters, especially selected to ensure a soft, nourished and perfumed skin.

It is completed with sea fennel extract, rich in antioxidants, and elements such as flavonoids, chlorogenic acids, potassium and iron, known for their revitalizing and regenerating properties.


The bath where where marine notes meet sandalwood, jasmine and black currant.

Grace your hands with marine notes, and quality natural ingredients.

Colonia Firenze 1221 Edition

The marine notes fragrance of Officina is a an underwater world made of unexpected, yet perfectly balanced contrasts.

The orange and peach bouquet is enlivened by black currant and jasmine, while the enigma goes on with sandalwood, vanilla, musk.

Now available in the Firenze 1221 Edition, one of our most recent Cologne is a tribute to the unique force and will of Florence.


Angeli di Firenze Scented Wax Tablets

A visual and tactile delicate discovery: Angeli di Firenze tablets are cast and finished by hand. With blue cornflower and chamomile petals inside, they add a new chapter to the olfactory world of the Angeli di Firenze fragrance. They perfume drawers, textiles and wardrobes.

Santa Maria Novella

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